"Can candy canes Ceegee?"                               


Ceegee is a Fakegee that likes to say words that begin with C just like all lettergees. He likes to eat candy corn and his favorite song is "C is for Cookie" by Cookie Monster. In a way, his love for C is somewhat close to Beegee's B power. (Except it can't bring him anything that starts with the letter C). He has a brother named Calleo, a son named Keegee and a nephew named Kalleo.


Ceegee was created by Weegee. He was originally a Weegee Clone but one day he listened to the song "C is for Cookie" 1,000 times and the song got stuck in his head. Now everything he said began with "C". He bought some square overalls from Samalleo's Custom Overall Buttons and bought some light green Super Overalls. Oddly, they were glitched and instead of making Ceegee all-powerful, it made him extremely hyperactive and now he says "C" words three times a second. He accidentally said the word Calleo as one of his C words, which determined him to get a brother. 


Ceegee found the generator of the Weegee Cloning Machine in the Fakegee Dump, so he filled it with WVR and put some FFR to make Malleos. Once his homemade Fakegee generator was up and running, he played "C is for Cookie" in a loop until all the Weegee clones that were created became Ceegee clones. Only one Malleo clone was created and it was a Gralleo clone, until it heard C is for Cookie and became Calleo. Once the same thing happened with another Gralleo clone, but it only happened halfway, creating Prince Cralleo. Ceegee also has a brother named Couneegee.