Greelleo is a Lalleo clone who got exposed to FFR. If he says "Grush Grart Gro Say What?!" your house will turn into a full-sized replica of Lalleo School. His brothers are GreemeeSleegmee, and Super Hyper Epic Gralleo


  • Grare Growers: He can summon Grare Growers, which will turn you into a Greature when they stare at you.
  • Teleportation: Not very special since everyone in the United 'Gees Universe can do it.


After Greemee died while fighting Sawneektheehedgehawg315 and was revived into Greemee II, Greelleo went in a deep depression. After six months passed, Greelleo came out of his depression and joined the A.A.Q.W.F. It is unknown why he didn't join earlier. He was part of the Pickleodeon Army and is now a general in the Yelleow III Army.  He is much happier now, ever since Greemee II was revived into Three-ThousandThreeHundredFiftyTwogreemee. This makes him half-brothers with The Three-Thousand Bros.