Schmickleodeon is a sibling of PickleodeonRainbowDashGee, and TheMLPlover.  If he says "Press S to Spongeebee!", You will turn into a Spongeebee clone. He can also summon Gray Spongeebee Flowers, Which turn people into Gray Spongeebee Flowers. If he says "Gray Spongeebee Flowah!", he will turn you into a Gray Spongeebee Flower. As you can see, he is a big fan of Spongeebee. He also loves the color gray. He even has a Gray Form, which he uses a lot. He is lots more powerful in this form. He was created the same way Pickleodeon was created. To find out about his creation, read Pickleodeon's page or click here


  • Gray Spongeebee Flower: You already read about this. If not, read this page's first paragraph. *Schmickleodeon Blast: He can shoot gray light beams out of his hands, which make you turn gray if it hits you. It has a 5% chance of also giving you corrupted vision for 14 seconds. This leaves you vurnerable for attack. *Seed Shoot: Like his brother, he can shoot pickle seeds out of his mouth. He can make them on fire or contaminate them with any kind of radiation. *Magnetic: Like his brother, he is magnetic. He can turn his magnetism on and off.*Teleportation: Since everyone in the United 'Gees Universe  can teleport, this power isn't as special.
  • ==Trivia==
  • He and Pickleodeon are always running away from Walleo, since he eats pickles.*He joined the A.A.Q.W.F. and served in his brother's army.
  • His nickname is Schmick.
  • He is a general in the Yelleow III Army.