"Obey Weegee, destroy Mario!" 
Mega Weegee


Weegee was the person who turned DevinMoffit into Devingee. He is an evil Luigi-lookalike bent on taking over the universe! He comes from the PC version of the video game, Mario is Missing! His brother is Malleo and his wife is Daizeh. He's related to Fortran and Ragamiicho


  • Weegee Virus: He will enslave his enemies just by staring at them. Their face will transform into his, and often their head or body will also transform. They will then be forced to join his army.
  • Laser Vision: He can shoot lasers out of his eyes. Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Toon Form: He can transform into his much stronger and scarier toon form, which is far more dangerous.


Weegee has a lot of clones to he aid him in conquest. Some have other jobs like painting houses and being teachers. Some even become famous. The most famous clones are the Fakegees, who are imperfect clones of Weegee. The Fakegees have different DNA than Weegee but are still technically clones. There are many ways to make a Fakegee, but the most common is if a normal Weegee clone is exposed to a substance that alters their DNA. Fakegees have special powers, too.


Apparently there are a lot of spammers and trolls who hate Weegee, and they try to post insulting information or pictures to annoy fans and friends of Weegee. Weegee and friends hate these trolls, so Weegee tries to clean up their mess. Look out for Weegee haters.